Recycling point is located in the parking garage of Arabia Shopping Centre. We cherish sustainable values, and it is our passion to offer possibilities to make the right decisions for every individual. Recycling, high-quality services, and diverse options create the core of our modern culture.

A new, Finnish waste law compatible recycling point for glass, small metal items, cardboard, and batteries is located in the parking garage.

A bottle recycling point is located on the 1st floor on the Kotisaarenkatu side of Arabia Shopping Centre. You can recycle bottles, cans, and products from Alko.

Lost and found items

The security of Arabia Shopping Centre is responsible for the lost and found items.

+358 40 653 1113

If your lost item is no longer in Arabia, please contact Lost & Found International Helsinki.

Lost & Found International Helsinki

+358 600 41006 (1.98 €/minute + LAN)


A playground for children is located on the 2nd floor of Arabia Shopping Centre.

Customer toilet

A customer toilet is located on the 2nd floor of Arabia Shopping Centre. A childcare space is included in an accessible toilet.


Errand-running in Arabia Shopping Cenre is effortless with elevators, moving walkways, and escalators. Parking garage and all shopping centre floors are accessible with elevators. There is a moving walkway from the parking garage to the shopping centre which makes errand-running easy and safe also with children and strollers.